Earthing system designs require careful consideration and a thorough understanding of factors that can influence the performance of an earthing system under fault conditions. Aptus Power engineers are experienced and are CDEGS­TM accredited to provide high voltage earthing design services to the generation, transmission, distribution, mining and the industrial sectors.

We provide our clients with efficient designs, working within geographical constraints and restrictions, at the same time meeting local and international safety standards (IEEE80 and AS2067). Aptus Power utilises the powerful software package CDEGSTM to design and review, new and existing earthing systems following the design process shown below.


The following are part of Aptus Power’s design capabilities:

  • Soil Resistivity testing, modelling and analysis
  • Earth grid layout design for greenfield sites
  • Design reviews of existing installations
  • Touch and step voltage assessments
  • Determination of earth potential rise (EPR) contours
  • Earthing impedance calculations
  • Maximum earth grid voltage rise calculations
  • Fault current splits calculations over OHEWs and cable screens
  • Fault current distribution in concrete reinforcing or rebar
  • Minimum conductor sizing