Kemerton Power Station Earthing System Review

Earthing Review

Kemerton Power Station

TW Power Services engaged Aptus Power to conduct a review of their Kemerton Power Station earthing system. As part of the review the following Parameters were assessed:

  • Earthing system impedance
  • Touch and step voltages
  • Voltage contours
  • Transferred voltage hazards
  • Equipment continuity checks
  • Soil Resistivity

The test methods the were employed to carry out the measurements were the injection testing method and the Wenner method.

Injection testing concluded that all touch and step voltage measurements were below the satisfactory voltage limits, determined by IEE80 and AS2067. Continuity measurements and visual inspections indicated a few poor connections to the earth grid and missing connections on new equipment.

Aptus power recommended to replace and clean the inadequate connections and install dedicated earth grid connections where it was necessary.