Mt Whaleback Conveyor Motor Protection Relay Commissioning


Motor-protection-relayTo meet additional requirements, the motor protection relay for BHP Mount Whaleback Conveyor M201 was upgraded from GE Multilin M269 to GE Multilin M369. In August 2016, Lend Lease engaged Aptus Power to commission this new GE Multilin M369 Motor Management Relay.

Conveyors constitute a crucial part of ore processing plants. Therefore, the electrical motors that drive these conveyors need to be adequately protected against damaging faults. Robust commissioning techniques ensure that the motor protection relay is appropriately configured to isolate the motor from faults and avoid damage to the motor.

Through secondary injection, Aptus Power methodically verified that all the enabled protection functions in this motor management relay are functioning appropriately. The verified protection functions include Thermal Overload, Short Circuit, Mechanical Jam, Current Unbalance, Ground Fault, Motor Start/Inhibits, Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Phase Reversal and Underfrequency.