Aptus Power provides the following specialist testing and commissioning services:

  • Protection relays: Secondary injection for verification of trip settings and restraints. Primary injection for trip verification. Protection integration.
  • Energy meters: Secondary injection for verification of metering accuracy, update of registers and integration with other systems such as SCADA.
  • Rotating machines: Power generator excitation system compliance/performance check (voltage regulation, voltage range, V/F limiter, step response, reactive power capability, excitation ceiling, and excitation limiter).
  • Switchgear: Contact resistance, insulation resistance, power frequency voltage withstand, functional checks, interlocking, arc flash marking verification.
  • Instrument transformers (VTs and CTs): Ratio, phase deviation, polarity, burden, winding resistance, insulation resistance, primary injection for VTs and CTs as well as loop resistance and excitation for CTs.
  • Power Transformers: Ratio, polarity, phase deviation, winding resistance, excitation current, TanDelta.
  • Circuit Breakers: Timing, contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, displacement curve, insulation resistance, power frequency voltage withstand, reduced voltage operation.
  • Power cables: Insulation resistance, VLF voltage withstand, partial discharge.
  • Hydro power plants: Load rejection. Heat run. Turbine governor frequency response and speed regulation checks. Timing, stroke, operating force and functional checks for hydro power plant auxiliary devices (intake gates, hill top valves, main inlet valves, guide vanes, nozzles, deflectors, relief valves).